The Most Reverend Michel J. Pugin, O.S.B.

Ordinary of the Diocese of Mary, Mother of Hope 

Founder and Abbot of the Congregation of the Benedictines of Mary, Mother of Hope

Primate of the National Catholic and Apostolic Church




The Most Reverend Bishop Kenneth C. Rosato (USA)

Auxiliary Bishop/Vicar General

New Jersey, (USA) 


The Most Reverend Bishop Joseph E. Hladney (USA)

Bishop Emeritus 

Florida (USA)



Chancellor: VACANT

The Reverend Father Emmanuel Della Luna, Vice-Chancellor

The Reverend Father Humberto Arredondo, Vice-Chancellor (Acting Chancellor)


The Reverend Father Germain Abraham, SJA (Haiti)

Pastor of Ste Anne, Les Cayes

Pastor of St Jean-Marie Vianney, Galais, Les Cayes

The Reverend Father Adam Jaroslaw Adamski, FSMD (Germany)

Director of Vocations

Bochum (Germany)


The Reverend Father Humberto Arredondo (USA)


Director of the Office for Vocations



The Reverend Father Jair Javier Bazaldua, obl. SB (USA)

Episcopal Vicar-Vicariate of the Immaculate Conception

Pastor of Divine Mercy of Jesus, San Antonio, Texas

Director of the Office of Canon Law




The Reverend Father Padre Oswal Cardenas (Mexico)

Episcopal Vicar of Mexico – Inmaculado Corazon de Maria

Pastor of El Divino Nino

Pastor of El Senor de Araro


The Reverend Father Jossh Carmen, O.S.B.

Associate at Divine Mercy of Jesus, San Antonio, Texas

Hospice Chaplain, San Antonio, Texas


The Reverend Father Raul Carrillo Alburquerque (Peru)

Administrator of Señora del Carmen

Administrator of San Judas Tadeo


The Reverend Father Francisco E. Castillo, CFDSD (Ecuador)


The Reverend Father Leopold Celiz, obl. SB (USA)

Chaplain to US Veterans, Sumter, South Carolina


The Reverend Father Santiago David Cordova (Ecuador)

Pastor of Cristo Rey, Ambato


The Reverend Father Emmanuel Della Luna (Monza, Italia)

Vice Chancellor and Personal Secretary to the Primate

Episcopal Vicar of Italy 

Apostolic Administrator of the Prelature of Europe

The Reverend Father Tomasz Dobiecki

Diepholz (Germany/Poland))

The Reverend Father Sylwester Marek Drabik (UK/Poland)

Bristol, (UK)

The Reverend Father Angel Garzon, CFDSD (Ecuador)

Founder and Minister General of the Vida Apostolica Franciscana de San Damiano


The Reverend Father Domingo Rojas Gordian (Mexico) 

Suspended Ad Divinis 

The Reverend Father Galo Guerrero Guerrero (Ecuador)

Episcopal Vicar of Ecuador - Virgen de la Paz


The Reverend Father Jacek Komodzinski (Poland)

Rgielew 11 (Poland)


The Reverend Father Jader de Jesús Guzmán Montoya (Colombia)

Pastor of San Joaquín y Santa Ana, Bogotá

Hospital Chaplain


The Reverend Father Carl M. Hames (USA)

Missionary (semi-Retired) Peoria, IL

The Reverend FatherJose Alonso Hernandez (Mexico)

The Reverend Father Bruno Hernandez Flores (Mexico)

Pastor of San Judas Tadeo, Ecatepec

The Reverend Father Paul Wesley Louis, SJA (Haiti)

Episcopal Vicar of Haiti-Notre-Dame-d'Haiti

Founder of the Canonical Society of St. Joseph Artisan

Pastor of the Parish St. Thomas Apôtre, Fond Rouge, Torbeck

Pastor of the Parish Ste. Rose de Lima (Jeremie)


The Rev. Fr.  Daniel E. M. T. (Argentina)

Episcopal Vicar-San Benito Abad

Director Office of Liturgy-Hispanics


The Reverend Father Dr. Rinaldo DiRicchardi-Muzga, O.S.B. (Slovenia)

Founder and Prior of the White Robed Benedictines

Pastoral Care to the ethnic minorities of Sinti, Gypsys, and Travellers 

Pastoral Care to former Roman Catholics


The Reverend Father Marco Isaías Oscar Neris (Argentina)

Pastor of Nuestra Señora Del Rosario De San Nicolas

 Villa Rosa Partido de Pilar, Garin/Escobar


 The Reverend Father Ramon N. (Argentina)

San Martin, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Office of Liturgy


The Reverend Father Fernando Noreña Castaño (Colombia)

Episcopal Vicar for Colombia

Pastor of Nuestra Señora de Fatima (Bogota)

The Reverend Father Albert (Alex) Oneto, OSF (USA)

Pastor of St. Frances Cabrini, Boston, MA


The Reverend Father Dawid Pawel Plonka, FSMD (Germany)

Episcopal Vicar-St. Michael the Archangel-Germany/Poland/Slovenia

Pastor of St. Joseph, Hannover

The Reverend Father Guillermo Yovani Ramirez (Mexico)

Pastor of Virgen of Juquila 

Administrator of El Divino Nino


The Reverend Father Hector Alejandro Rivero (Argentina)

Pastor of the Parish of Nuestra Señora de Itati, Corrientes


The Reverend Father Charles Thankgod E. Soronnadi, Car.Mis. (Nigeria)

Episcopal Vicar-St. Marc

Apostolic Administrator for the Prelature of Africa 

Founder and Superior General of the Carlosian Missionaries (Nigeria)

Pastor of Sts. Mary and Joseph, Umuocheala, Aria, Abia State

The Reverend Father Marcin Zuber (UK/Poland)

Kingston Upon Hull, (UK)



Reverend Deacon Gregg Michael Drebenstedt



The Reverend Father Alexander 





Charles Peterson, SJA

Elo Belizaire

Fonel Guichette, SJA





       Maximus Onyekere Chisomeje, Car..Mi.