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“The Priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus"

St. John Mary Vianney

Why answer the call to be a Priest?

A Sacred Ministry to God’s People

“The faithful expect only one thing from priests: that they be specialists in promoting the encounter between man and God. The priest is not asked to be an expert in economics, construction or politics. He is expected to be an expert in the spiritual life.”

– Pope Benedict XVI

Is God Calling You to be a Priest?

God made you for a unique purpose. Even before you were born, he knew your vocation, your mission in life. And if you are a faithful Catholic man, God may be calling you for a higher purpose—to become a Catholic priest.

Priests have a critical mission: to bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people. They are spiritual fathers to thousands of Catholics. They preach the Gospel and offer the sacrifice of the Mass. In short, priests are living witnesses of Christ in the world—men of strong character who stand out in our secular culture.

A good priest is a spiritual hero, a man who sacrifices himself for the people of God. Is Jesus calling you to be his priest? Only the Bishop can fulfill God’s priesthood in you. “Where the Bishop is the Church is!” (St Ignatius of Antioch). The priest is the extension of the Bishop, without the Bishop there is no priesthood.

The Priesthood is a Calling

Christ asks of some men the sacrifice of their lives in following him as his more intimate companions. From all eternity, certain men are called to the priesthood. It is a call inscribed in their nature and because of this, is a call that will bring them fulfillment.

A Priest acts in “Persona Christi”

Priests act in persona Christi capitas, which means “in the person of Christ, head of the Church.” That’s why the priest speaks in the first person at Mass, “This is my body, given up for you.” As Pope John Paul II wrote: “The priest offers his humanity to Christ, so that Christ may use him as an instrument of salvation, making him as it were into another Christ.”

A priest wields a Sacred Power.

When a priest makes the sacraments present, he wields a sacred power from God, in Latin, “sacra potestas”.

A priest’s soul changes forever. At ordination, a man’s soul undergoes an ontological change—a change of being—which indelibly marks his soul forever. 

“If you feel called by God to this wonderful life whether you want to remain celibate or married, come home and be the man God has called you to be”

You will need to send us the following documents:

1- A biography of your life from high school to now

2- Your Curriculum Vitae

3- Transcripts and certificates of your Education, beginning with High School

4- Baptismal and birth certificates

5- Marriage certificate (if applicable)

6- What Denomination do you or have you belonged to

7- Date of ordination(s) and Religious Vows (if applicable)

8- Any other documents you might feel will be relevant to your formation

9- Seminary (Name and Transcripts) 

10- Three letters of recommendation

11- Police background check

Do not hesitate to contact us in discerning your vocation!

“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”


My Lord and my God, you are Love itself, the source of all love and goodness. Out of love you created me to know you, to love you, and to serve you in a unique way, as no one else can. I believe that you have a plan for my life, that you have a mission in your Kingdom reserved for me alone. Your plan and your mission are far better than any other I might choose: they will glorify you, fulfill the desires of my heart, and bring salvation to those souls who are depending on my generous response.

Lord grant me the light of grace I need to see the next step in Your plan; grant me the generosity necessary to follow your call; and grant me the courage required to take up my cross and to follow you.

Show me your will, O gentle and eternal God, and help me to say with Mary, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.” Let me say with Jesus, “Let not my will be done, but yours.” Amen.

Vocations Director: The Rev. Father  Humberto Arredondo

Application for Holy Orders
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